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Bren Gun Wallet With Parts

An original WWII 1942 dated Bren tool wallet complete with new brass weight pull through, small parts set and two mesh gauzes. This comes complete with an original WWII period small parts tin sadly no makers or date on this. All in good condition

Code: 50383Price: 53.00 GBP

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New Stock De-acts being made available

From my collection I have decided for a short time to make these items available to fund another project I have listed them below and will try to upload some pictures over the coming days if any item is of interest please contact me.

Artillery luger with holster, take down tool, rod, stock, drum mag. spare magazines in pouch £4.400
Mauser Red Nine with holster spare spring stunning condition museum quality very rare £ 3,400
Obsolete calibre German Reichs revolver larger cavalary model with original holster £ 2,500
old spec. MP40 dated 1940 most parts matching possible non original handguard £ 3,700
Rare MG34T Panzermantel only bolt non matching with all accessories apart from AA sight original heavy barrel shroud not one of the reproduction ones museum piece
£ 6,200

Code: 50380Price: On Request

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Colt M16A2 Rifle Operators Manual

This is a brand new genuine Colt booklet with over 44 pages of user information for the Colt M16 the booklet measures 90mm x 134mm these were included with issued M16 rifles.

Code: 50379Price: 5.00 GBP

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.50 cal belt

This a five round belt of .50cal ideal for display please note only for sale in the UK
Fully inert

Code: 50378Price: 20.00 GBP

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Thompson SMG Oiler

These oilers are in issued used condition but come with the hard to find felt insert pads which are placed within the oiler housing within the butt to prevent oiler rattling about.

Code: 50376Price: 16.00 GBP

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British MK3 Oil Bottle

These were used for Bren-LMG and GPMG in unissued condition they will either come wrapped or loose from wrapper all have brush within the screw down cap some are dated but all post WWII

Code: 50377Price:

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German 7.92mm 1939 and 1940 boxed

A nice set slightly cheaper as 11 rounds are dated 1939 and 4 are dated 1940
All in original box 15 rounds
Only for sale in the UK

Code: 50375Price: 55.00 GBP

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German 7.92mm 1935 Boxed on clips

A nice set of German WWII inert 7.92mm in original box on clips 15 rounds in total with correct marked box for clips and matching head stamps.
Only for sale in the UK

Code: 50374Price:

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German 7.92mm 1939 Boxed

A nice set of German WWII inert 7.92mm in original box all dated 1939 with matching head stamp to box.
Box contains 15 inert rounds
Only for sale in UK

Code: 50373Price:

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Webley .455 Inert 1900 Rare Examples

These are in original condition although have been recovered from the sea, fully inert. These date to around 1900 period marked
" RL" Woolich Arsenal
"C" Cordite
"I" MkI.
Hard to find early examples of these which are dated to the last Boer War Period with original distinctive shape lead heads.
Only for UK sale some headstamp markings are quite faded due to sea erosion but still nice rare examples.
Price is per one unit round

Code: 50372Price: 5.00 GBP

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